Her Human Caught Her Red-Handed. As Soon As She Was Confronted, She Tried To Make An Escape!

Sometimes when dogs are guilty, they don’t like to admit it or man up to it (or I guess in this case, dog up to it). They either look away and try not to make eye contact, go into hiding, or like the Great Dane in this video: run away.

Seven was not a very good girl while her human was sleeping. She decided to try and be sneaky and rummage around in the trash. When her human woke up and saw the mess, she confronted Seven about it. But Seven couldn’t handle the confrontation.

She was lying on the couch and as soon as her human asked her if she got in the trash, she got right up off the couch. Then her human asked again and she made a run for the doggy door. But the best part is, the doggy door is so tiny, and she is so HUGE! She still managed to wriggle and stretch her way through the door. I guess she figures that she can literally run away from her problems! LOL

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