Graycie Was So Afraid That She Wouldn’t Even Eat, Until A Vet Did Something Unusual. WOW!

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A small pup, named Graycie, came to the Granite Hills Animal Care, in Elberton, Georgia, as a stray. She was found on a dirt road out in the country and was in very bad shape; she was emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, hypothermic and suffered from a vaginal prolapse. The vets were able to get her healthy again, but one thing remained: she was terrified.

But she wasn’t alone. And Andy Mathis, a veterinarian at the animal care center, wanted to show her that. She was so afraid that she wasn’t eating consistently, and Dr. Mathis knew he could help. He began sitting in the cage with Graycie to eat his breakfast with her. He feeds her with his hands, and even eats his own breakfast out of a dog bowl! Eventually, Graycie became less afraid and was more trusting. This vet is amazing! Graycie is alive and well thanks to him.

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