This Corgi Is Extremely Talented. But, When His Human Sneezes? WOW!

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Gordy, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is awesome at performing dog tricks. This is definitely not his first time showing off his amazing skills. From speaking on command, perfecting the “bang bang” trick, rolling over, and putting himself to bed, Gordy has easily won our hearts. But in his new video below, he will make you smile even more!

His human tells him to back up, and then do a “left spin” and a “right spin.” What’s really impressive about this is that Gordy knows his lefts and rights, when I know a lot of older humans who still mix them up! But the best part is when his human sneezes, Gordy immediately runs to grab him a tissue. He runs inside, jumps up to fetch it off the table, and then brings it back. What a smart and helpful pup!

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