Gordon Setter

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Originally bred for the purpose of being a bird dog, the Gordon Setter of today serves many other wonderful purposes. You will find that Gordon Setters are excellent family dogs, show dogs and obedience competition dogs. The Gordon Setter has a strong build and can last for hours when on the hunt.
The coat of the Gordon Setter is usually a black and tan combination. This dog breed weighs approximately 45 to 80 pounds and is usually around 23 to 27 inches high at the shoulder.
This Scottish breed is a wonderful family dog in addition to being a fantastic gun dog. When you bring a Gordon Setter into your home, you are gaining a beloved family pet which is intelligent and loyal. This dog has alert characteristics, but may be a bit stubborn when in the midst of certain training. Consistency with training will ensure that your dog follows your commands and does so well.
Since the Gordon Setter is known to be a hunter’s companion by nature, you will not be surprised to note that this breed needs constant daily exercise. Playing in a fenced-in yard or going for long walks will keep the Gordon Setter content and help to maintain his health. The coat of the Gordon Setter is shorter in length so brushing once a week is fine. With occasional shedding, the Gordon Setter does not need too much time spent on it in the way of grooming sessions.
The Gordon Setter is ideal for both hunter and family. This breed will be obedient with the right amount of training and with a good amount of daily exercise will surely be on his best behavior when indoors.

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