She’s The Happiest Little Girl Whenever Gumbo The Goose is With Her

Animals easily go viral online due to informative, entertaining, and heartwarming content. However, some animals become the talk of the town due to their scary personality. You’ll often hear about terrifying wildcats, reptiles, or underwater animals, but geese scare humans as well. Whether you’re young or old, a goose won’t hesitate to chase you.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Despite their behavior, geese can identify if a person is respectfully leaving their place. As soon as the person calmly steps back, they’ll leave them alone and won’t resort to aggression. A goose can also be a friend or even a family pet. Gumbo the goose is that feathered friend for Abi. She makes her the happiest little girl in the neighborhood. Their friendship surprisingly happened when Gumbo came out of nowhere one day.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

According to Tabatha, “Gumbo found us. She came into our garage, and she was trying to get into the house.” Then Abi shared how she tried to approach and pet the lost goose. Gumbo did not attack her and even followed them around the neighborhood as if telling them to adopt her. “We walked her down to the pond to see if she wanted to be with the other geese, and she just followed us back home. And she didn’t leave,” Tabatha said. Since then, Gumbo and Abi became inseparable. The little girl would carry her around, take her to the playground, and ride with her down the slide. Abi instantly gained a playmate after their out-of-the-blue first meeting.

Gumbo is a huge part of Abi’s childhood, and the adorable kid loves talking about her to other people. They go around the neighborhood walking side by side — Gumbo follows Abi wherever she goes. She seems to love people, especially Abi, who she’s gentle with. The family had already built a daily routine with the goose and even let her indoors. Although gentle, there are times when Gumbo shows her protective personality, mainly when the family dog is around.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The precious goose has grown accustomed to her life and has already laid eggs in her space at home. She’s family and Abi’s favorite goose. It’s so adorable whenever they express love to one another. You can watch their beautiful friendship in the video below.

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