Goofy (And Fluffy) German Shepherd Pups Couldn’t Be Cuter While They Try Conquer THIS Fear!

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What’s cuter than one fluffy German shepherd puppy?!? Two fluffy German shepherd puppies, obviously!! Like these two adorable canines! I mean c’mon, they are just SO FLUFFY! But that’s the not even the cutest thing about this pair.

These puppy siblings can’t seem to conquer their fear of what appears to the human eye to be two very easy to climb, low steps, but to a puppy’s eye is actually two incredibly daunting steps to your puppy death!! (Figuratively, of course.) However, these two pups quickly learn that the steps won’t harm them, although they might slip and slide a bit on their first few trips down! Tongues out and tails wagging, this adorable, fluffy duo conquers their fears and they do it in the cutest way possible! You won’t want to miss it!

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