They Wanted To Play Fetch, But When I Saw Who They Were Trying To Play With, I Was On The FLOOR!

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I’ve yet to meet a dog who didn’t love playing fetch. Although not all dogs give you back the ball with ease, they sure do love chasing after it. Especially Golden Retrievers, because, well, they’re called ‘Retrievers’ for a reason! These two Goldens love to play fetch and want to play it more than anything. But they’re very confused when they’re new friend won’t throw them the ball.

That’s because they’re mistaking a halloween skeleton decoration for a real human! Silly pups! The Golden puts the ball in the skeleton’s lap and waits for it to throw the ball. When he realizes the “human” isn’t throwing it, he keeps nudging the ball in it’s lap as if he were saying “hello, look, the ball is right here!” As he keeps nudging it, the other Golden just stands next to him patiently waiting. After pushing the ball into it’s lap for a while, he decides to go for the skeleton’s hand. Of course that doesn’t work either. Poor pups!! They haven’t a clue!

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