A Dog Ran Off Into The Woods. Then His Human Heard His Barks Coming From 20 Feet Underground

Poofa, a six-year-old Goldendoodle, was walking with his owner when he saw a rabbit in the distance. He was on a leash but managed to escape and ran off after it in the woods. His human, Boris Avezov rushed into the woods after him, but couldn’t find him. Then all of a sudden he heard Poofa barking. The barks were coming from underground, and it turns out Poofa fell 20 feet underground into a deep uncovered cesspool.

Avezov immediately called for help and rescuers showed up soon after. After about an hour, rescuers were finally able to carefully hoist Poofa up out of the hole. Thankfully, the pup wasn’t injured and he stayed very calm the whole time. Avezov will walk Poofa in more familiar areas for now on, but is just happy that he’s safe and unharmed!

Watch the story and rescue in the video below:

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