This Golden Would Go To Great Lengths To Rescue Her Beloved Teddy Bear!

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This Golden LOVES her teddy bear and NEVER wants to be without it! When she couldn’t find it, she began looking everywhere. Meanwhile her teddy awaited her fate of being drowned in soapy water in the washing machine. Luckily, this adorable pup was here to save the day. Her owners set up a camera to see if they could catch her steal the teddy from it.

The camera shows the pup enter the laundry room, and when she sees the washer with the door wide open, she decides to peek inside and look around. Much to her surprise, her furry little friend was in there. She reaches her head all the way inside the dryer and pulls out her teddy. She wags her tail as she walks away with her teddy in her mouth. What a nice little reunion! I’m sure she will make sure she never loses sight of her teddy again!

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