Mischievous Dog Steals Microphone From Russian Reporter During Live Broadcast

A live news broadcast in Russia has gone viral thanks to a playful golden retriever named Martin.

Nadezhda Serezhkin, reporter for MIR 24, was giving a live weather report from the streets of Moscow when a rambunctious golden retriever leaped in and grabbed her microphone.

Screenshot: YouTube/Мир 24

Apparently, the brightly colored mic looked like a toy to Martin.

Screenshot: YouTube/Мир 24

The exuberant pup interrupted the live broadcast and stole the microphone right out of Serezhkin’s hand.

Screenshot: YouTube/Мир 24

The shocked reporter quickly recovered and attempted to take back her mic, but the dog got away.

Then the chase was on…

Screenshot: YouTube/Мир 24

To the delight of viewers, the cameras kept rolling as the reporter chased after Martin.

Another reporter in the station, Elina Dashkueva, kept her composure and moved on to another subject, but later returned to Serezhkin who was standing next to her new furry friend.

Screenshots: YouTube/Мир 24

In her hand was the retrieved microphone sporting a few teeth marks.

Martin was sitting like a perfect gentleman beside her. During the break, the reporter met Martin’s owner who said he is “very kind and playful.” No one was harmed and the reporter gained a new friend.

The two shook on their new friendship before the clip ended.

Screenshot: YouTube/Мир 24

A translation of the report said, “In the coming days, Nadezhda Serezhkina will go to visit her new four-legged friend.”

Over 400K people have viewed the viral video and numerous people couldn’t help but comment. “The dog decided to state his point of view about life,” said one viewer.

Some congratulated the dog on a great April Fool’s joke since the incident took place on April 1st.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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