This Puppy Was Struggling To Swim In The Pool. Then, Mama Dog Came To The Rescue!

Not everyone is a great swimmer, and apparently not every dog either. This Golden Retriever puppy had a hard time staying afloat in the swimming pool. After frantically doggy paddling to the side of the pool, he tries to climb out but fails. But have no fear, mama Golden is here! She sees the puppy struggling and doesn’t hesitate to jump right in. She swims up to the pup, and when she’s unable to get the pup over the wall, she quickly gets out of the pool. Then she runs to the pup and drags him out of the water using her mouth. Her quick-thinking saved the puppy! I think this Golden would make a fabulous lifeguard! I would always feel safe in the water if she was around. I wonder if she could save humans too?!

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