Golden Retrievers Politely Line Up To Get Their Paws Washed

Dogs are, by nature, a very polite species. How many times have we witnessed the cuteness that is polite dogs? They’re quite the opposite of cats, who often walk all over you like you don’t exist. While cats can be quite rude, it’s the dogs in our lives that have the best manners – perhaps that’s an extension of their need to please people.

Whatever it is that makes dogs have such good manners, it’s absolutely adorable and we love it.

What we especially love is getting to witness the cuteness that is a bunch of well-behaved Golden Retrievers lining up in an orderly fashion in order to get their paws cleaned before going inside their home.

Yeah, I know, it’s just too cute for words.

Dogs spend a lot of their time outdoors, which means that they often get dirty. And bringing them inside usually requires some form of cleaning up in order to avoid them getting our living room furniture dirty. That was exactly the line of thinking of one dog owner, who was filmed cleaning her pet’s paws. But the real clincher of the video was the fact that all her pups lined up single file and patiently waited their turn for paw cleaning.

Talk about well-behaved – some of us can’t even get our kids to be so calm and orderly.

Golden Retriever dogs are a very popular breed of dog, and we can certainly see why they’re one of the world’s most popular breed of pets. It seems to come as part of the breed since the dogs are well known to be gentle and well–mannered dogs.

It is this gentleness that makes them such wonderful pets to have. Given the video, there is no doubt that this brood of Golden Retrievers are great family pets.

You can’t help but smile at the video as these precious pups patiently waiting in line to have their paws cleaned off before they go inside.

Simply adorable!

Watch these patient pups in action below:

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