Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most highly sought after dog breeds in the United States. With a happy demeanor and showmanship skills, the Golden Retriever is the perfect pet, whether as a family dog or a show dog in agility trials. In addition to being the perfect addition to the family home, the Golden Retriever is an excellent hunting dog as well. Classified in the sporting group, the Golden Retriever is athletic and intelligent.
This dog breed has a golden colored coat, which can range from a light golden to dark golden tone. The Golden Retriever weighs approximately 55 to 75 pounds.
Not only does the Golden Retriever excel in areas such as agility competitions and the dog show arena, but it is also a wonderful family dog as well. The Golden Retriever is an excellent companion dog and does well with family members of all ages, even children. This dog breed loves spending time with the family but needs to get outdoors every day for a good amount of exercise. As a sporting dog by nature, it is no wonder that this pup needs to run and play on a daily basis.
With regard to grooming duties, the Golden Retriever has a longer length coat which means that brushing a couple of times a week is a wise idea. Doing so will keep the fur free from tangles and allow your Golden Retriever to look like a show dog even if it never steps foot inside the show arena. Seasonal shedding will be noted with the Golden Retriever so the brushing will help with this as well.
Bringing a Golden Retriever into your home is a wonderful thing to do. This breed is loyal, affectionate and gentle with all family members. Those who have a larger home and fenced-in yard will be even more perfect for this breed which needs to romp around whenever possible.

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