Watch a Funny Interaction Between a Golden Retriever and a Robot Vacuum

One of the perks of having a pet at home is having an easy access to a happy pill. It’s like they know how to make their humans laugh and melt in their presence. Pets are just effortlessly funny, with their quirks and human-like attitude. For the past years, people have seen a lot of content shared by pet owners. These posts have put a smile on the faces of various people worldwide. Animals are free therapy and deserve all the love in return for making the world a better place.

Before the booming age of social media sites, news shows dedicated a segment solely to funny and cute animals. The reporter would show clips of hilarious animals from various sources. Aside from news shows, a television show entitled “The Planet’s Funniest Animals” was also a hit to the viewers. Each clip was hilarious and entertaining — from dogs to cats, viewers will laugh non-stop throughout the show. Nowadays, the internet is a whole collection of the planet’s funniest animals. All social media sites have funny animal content, and it’s nice for pet owners to share it with other people.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

One fun thing about dogs is their facial expressions. Sometimes you just can’t read them — are they really happy or entertained? Just like Lloyd, the golden retriever. Good Morning America has a segment that has the title “Fur Babies,” where they feature lovable and hilarious pets. Sort of a way to lighten things up when the news gets too overwhelming for the viewers. One of the pets they featured was an Auburn Hills, Michigan dog. The golden retriever, Lloyd, was lying around the house when a robot vacuum approached him. Rather than responding with surprise, he just observed the vacuum with a poker face. Lloyd was an unbothered boy, and even if it’s just a 48-second clip, it was still worth the laugh. The video was taken by Pradeep Nagappa.

It’s one of those moments when you expect a certain reaction from your pet because of something unfamiliar, but they react the other way around. Lloyd even looked at the camera like the robot vacuum wasn’t there. Watch the video below.

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