Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Picks A Fight With The Doorstop

People love puppies. They’re fluffy and soft and oh-so-sweet. There is nothing sweeter than a little pup who wants to give you all their love and attention. It’s why they’re a favored choice as furry companions. But besides being adorable little tots, puppies also have a very playful side to them – something that is so endearing to watch.

However, this means that they will often get themselves into trouble as they go off on little adventures around the house.

How many times have we found our little pups being naughty? Even when you diligently try to puppy-proof your home, there are some things that might get overlooked.

And one precious video shows how easily entertained puppies can be by the simplest of household items.

For most of us, a doorstop is nothing more than a block or a spring that keeps our doors from completely wreaking havoc on our walls. We hardly think twice about them. But to this little pup, the doorstop happens to be the most fascinating toy ever!

Watch as she entertains herself in the video below:

What is the strangest thing that your puppy has ever been fascinated by? Let us know!

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