Owners Are Surprised When Their Golden Retriever Grows A Tiny Mohawk

Sometimes we have bad days, and sometimes our bad days get better when you look at a picture of a golden retriever who is growing a tiny little mohawk on his head. That is correct, there is an adorable pup in Pennsylvania named Stanley, who is making people gush over the fact that he’s got a little mohawk.

His owners, Megan Callahan and her husband, first acquired the precious Stanley when he was only three weeks. Part of the reason that they were drawn to him was the cute little mohawk that was on top of his head. However, they couldn’t take him home right away, so they had to return to pick him up when he was two months old. Upon returning for him, they noticed that his little teeny mohawk had disappeared.

They figured that it was something that he’d only had as a puppy, so they thought nothing further of it. However, after a while, it grew back – and it seems to be sticking around for the long-haul this time.

According to The Dodo, Stanley is a big fan of the water, so every time that he goes swimming, his mohawk becomes even more noticeable because of his hair being wet. Still, even when his fur is dry, his mohawk is still noticeable enough and this often causes people to stop and ask about his look. Megan has shared with The Dodo that the question she receives most often is whether or not it is purposely styled that way.

But Stanley isn’t the only golden retriever that is known to have a unique feature on top of their head. Rae is another famous golden retriever on social media who has been nicknamed the unicorn dog because of her little ear growing out of the middle of her head. After Rae made her break out on Instagram she quickly became a social media star.

The little unicorn dog now has well over 200,000 followers on her Instagram page, which means Stanley will probably be right behind her. While he’s only got a little over 900 followers, he’ll probably be quickly growing his following now that he’s on social media.

What do you think of Stanley’s look? Let us know!

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