A Golden Retriever And A German Shepherd Have An Eating Contest. 3.98 Seconds Later It’s OVER.

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Spike the Golden Retriever and Gilox the German Shepherd LOVE spaghetti. So much that their owner decided to give them each a plate of spaghetti and turn it into a speed eating contest. Who do you think will win?! The result will have you laughing!! Their owner has both plates filled with spaghetti on the floor and holds each of the pups back until the contest is ready to begin. They let go of the pups and they go straight for the bowls. The contest begins!

Gilox starts chomping on the spaghetti, taking his time. Meanwhile, Spike wastes no time and practically INHALES the spaghetti. Gilox glances over at his doggy pal and realizes that he has zero chance in beating him. 3.98 seconds later, Spike is done! He ate the entire bowl in one bite! Gilox continues eating his spaghetti and starts to get it all over the floor. 2:58 minutes later, he’s finally done. It’s safe to say that Spike is the speed eating champion! Better luck next time, Gilox!

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