When This Golden Is Told To “Clean The House” She Does The Incredible!

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Dogs can sometimes be like children, in that they have a ton of toys and are always making a mess with them. Of course little kids hardly ever clean up after themselves, and the chances of dogs cleaning up after themselves are slim to none. But this Golden Retriever, named Grace, defies the odds!

When told by her owner to “clean the house,” she immediately runs to her first toy and drops it in the basket. Then she runs to another toy and does the same thing. She’s quickly running all over the house, gathering all of her toys to place them in the basket. I don’t know what’s more amazing–that she can follow this command, that she remembers exactly where every single toy is, despite being all over the house, or that she even closes the toy basket at the end! What an adorable and smart doggy! Maybe she can come over my house and teach my pup a thing or two about cleaning up after himself!

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