Three Golden’s Line Up For A Car Ride. Now Keep Your Eye On Their Paws!

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These three obedient Golden Retrievers know exactly what their human expects of them before every car-ride. It seems as if they have a certain routine that they must do each time, and they are pros at it! I wish my dogs had this much patience and were this well-behaved! Whenever I say the word “car” around my dog, he goes absolutely ballistic; he would never be able to stay this patient and calm!

The Goldens patiently line up in a single file line outside of their car as their human wipes off their paws one by one so that they don’t leave a mess in the car. When she finishes one pup, he jumps into the car and the next one walks up. They stand there so quietly and don’t even move from the line. It’s adorable! What smart pups!

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