This Golden Is All Smiles When A Butterfly Lands On His Nose!

Spicy the Golden Retriever is sitting there when a butterfly lands on his nose. He doesn’t seem to mind it because he doesn’t even budge! He just sits there with a smile on his face!

The butterfly crawls around on his nose and Spicy stands ever so still. It then flies off his nose and onto his chest. The pup still doesn’t even shift his attention toward the butterfly. The butterfly takes one last flight to the Golden’s nose, but this time Spicy sticks out his tongue and tries to lick it. I love how still and gentle he is with this butterfly! Some people do say that butterflies are attracted to pure spirits. I guess Spicy’s soul is as pure as they come!

Source: Butterfly lands perfectly on Golden Retriever’s nose by Dog_GoldenRetriever on Rumble

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