Adorable Newborn Goats Hop Around In Excitement During Their First Day On Earth

These baby goats are the first goats this Spring to be born at the Sunflower Farm in Maine. Just looking at them, you’d be amazed to know that they’re barely a day old!

Despite being on this Earth for less than 24 hours, they’re already walking and running around and even learning how to hop around. What makes this video even cuter is that the newborn goats are wearing little sweaters.

You can tell how happy they are to be alive. They are so energetic; I get tired just watching them! From this point on, they will continue to watch their mama and learn from her by mimicking what she does.

The average goat gestation lasts 150 days and delivers usually one to three kids. Once the babies are born, the mother cleans them, which is where the bonding starts. The baby goats need to have Colostrum within an hour of birth. The Colostrum is high in nutrients and is beneficial to the newborns’ digestive system because it helps clear the waste by encouraging the baby’s first
Bowel movement. The antibodies in the Colostrum also help protect the babies from viruses and bacteria. After this, the goats can start nursing regularly.

Then they grow bigger and bigger as the days go on. Soon these happy little goats will be much larger, but will continue to hop around and be just as adorable!

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