Rescue Goat Runs Outside To Greet Her Favorite UPS Driver Every Time She Hears His Truck Coming

Every morning, a UPS driver stops on his route in Tennessee to greet his good friend, but it isn’t who you’d suspect.

An 18-year-old rescued goat named Pearl drops whatever she is doing when she hears the UPS truck coming down the street. She runs outside to see him, and waits by the truck while he is delivering packages. Sometimes she even hops into his truck and makes herself comfortable! The two have developed an unlikely friendship, but it’s extremely heartwarming to witness. The driver often brings her peanut butter treats and, of course, lots of attention!

The Gentle Barn Tennessee

The Gentle Barn Tennessee

Not only does Pearl love the UPS driver, but the driver always looks forward to seeing Pearl. He says that no matter what kind of mood he is in, or what kind of day he is having, seeing Pearl greet him makes it all better.

Pearl roams her owner’s 12-acre property at The Gentle Barn Tennessee freely throughout the week. She’s clearly a very friendly goat, and is always making her humans laugh. Her owner, Stephanie, says sometimes she finds Pearl sneaking into the kitchen to steal some collard greens!

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