Two Goats, One Cat — There’s A Lot Of Kidding Around On This Farm!

Baby goats, with all their energy and cuteness, seem to get me every time.

Here, we have week-old baby goats Lady Bug and Princess Leia. They’ve just met Moo, the cat, and think it’s safe to say they are pretty darn excited!

Frolicking around Moo in the barn, they were quite curious of the cat at first, but seem to prefer each other’s company much more.

Source: YouTube/The Meow Post

Source: YouTube/Sunflower Farm Creamery

According to the Sunflower Farm Creamery, Moo walks the perimeter of the fence all day long when she’s not tickling goat chins with her tail. In this video, she’s keeping watch over the new kids.

And they seem to like their new nanny. All those happy dances must mean something good. Awwww!

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