Goat Lives Happily With Group Of Wild Kangaroos, But Their Home Could Be At Risk

Gary the goat has become a sort of celebrity in Australia. After all, he isn’t your normal goat. He prefers the company of kangaroos and somehow has managed to be accepted into a group of wild kangaroos.

Gary spends his day hopping around with his friends and it is pretty amazing to see him keep up with the wild animals. While the farm animal turned kangaroo has become a loved attraction, his home could be at risk of disappearing.

The Dodo reports that the government has announced plans to turn the animal’s land into a residential development. Meaning that Gary and his kangaroos would have nowhere to go. Fortunately, animal lovers from all over have joined the fight against the construction plans.

In fact, a petition has been created to stop the plans. So far, it has amassed more than 6,000 signatures, just a mere 600 away from reaching its goal. With so much support, it is easy to see how much Gary the goat means to locals.

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