Animal Sanctuary Welcomes Goat to Her New Home After She Was Abandoned on an Island

Animals may lack facial expressions, but they can feel different kinds of emotions. They also feel lonely when they are left alone and abandoned. Most animals can survive, but the majority of them cannot thrive in solitude. It’s because a lot of creatures grow into groups like herds. Farm animals such as goats and sheep prefer being in herds due to the connection and protection it offers. Goats are also social animals that often seek emotional support from their group. Like humans, a lot of animals cannot be islands. For this reason, it’s best to acquire animals in pairs if you cannot accommodate a whole herd. Part of caring for them is ensuring that their emotional needs are met.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Perhaps it’s one of the reasons sanctuaries are the best place for healing animals. The residents don’t only receive medical care, but they also get to interact with others. Friendships are built with both humans and animals — no one is ever alone in a sanctuary. That’s why it’s great that an abandoned goat was transferred to an incredible animal sanctuary. The goat was discovered by a member of Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary on an island. While the rescuer trekked the island, a white goat standing on a cliff caught her attention. The goat was all alone — no other goats or any animal accompanied her. It came as a shock and mystery, because how would a goat end up on an island?

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Since the animal rescuers are completely aware of the side effects of solitude on goats, they made efforts to take her home. However, the team could not make immediate action, as the regulations required them to wait for thirty days. As soon as the waiting period ended, a team from the sanctuary happily traveled to the island. “The day of the rescue, she was very nervous. We started enticing her to follow us back,” the animal rescuer said. “If we went the wrong direction, she’d stop following us. She had her own path, and if we went the wrong way, she’d just kind of stand there,” she added.

They were able to put a halter on her after a few attempts. The goat, which they named Cypress, calmly showed reluctance. In the end, they were still able to get her aboard the boat and take her to Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary. There was a lot of persuasion along the way — Cypress was stubborn yet still followed the sanctuary staff. Her reluctance might root in being suddenly transferred to an unfamiliar place. It took a long time before Cypress realized that she wasn’t trapped on the island anymore. The goat had a lot of adjusting to do, especially when surrounded by animals she hasn’t interacted with before.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“Seeing her and how excited she was to be with other goats was extremely heartwarming. She’s probably about three to four years old. Cypress definitely thinks she’s part of the old goat herd,” the rescuer said. Turns out the once-abandoned goat prefers the company of older goats. She finally found her goats, and she’ll never be alone again. The sanctuary has given her so much, ever since she moved off the island. Cypress is now with a family, and her happiness radiates in the video below.

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