Baby Goat Wears Special Hats To Hide A Dark Medical Practice

Sadly, there is a medical practice that goes on with baby goats that most of us have never even heard of.

Meet Lawson, the cutest baby goat with a very special story. Lawson was brought to Goats of Anarchy, a wonderful rescue group in New Jersey, by a goat owner that didn’t have the resources to care for him herself. Like many unknowing first time goat owners, Lawson’s original mom was talked into having his horns removed. This is called disbudding or dehorning.

In this common practice, a baby goat’s horns are removed by holding a hot iron to their horn buds for several painful seconds. It cauterizes the blood vessels to prevent them from growing. Farmers do this to prevent goats from using their horns to fight or get caught in fencing.

Lawson’s original mom didn’t know OR understand what any of this meant. She was talked into it, according to Leanne Lauricella, the founder of Goats of Anarchy.

“I was so angry and upset,” Lauricella, told The Dodo. “It’s just a sweet little innocent baby. How could they think of doing anything besides kissing that head?”

Lawson already had disabilities, born without the middle sections of his back legs. He will eventually have both back legs amputated and learn to walk with a special wheelchair.

Do you know what animal lovers are really good at? Taking a sad situation and turning it around! When Lauricella realized Lawson wasn’t going to have any cute baby pictures due to his little mutilated head, she got creative and got him the cutest hats you will ever see!

Lawson, though he’s endured so much pain, is still a reminder that life is precious and living one day to the next is best done with a sense of style!

There’s just something about a baby goat that makes my heart soar! Could it be that adorable face? That nose you want to boop? All I know is Lawson is mega-huggable! Especially in that cute hat!

To learn more about Lawson and the other courageous Goats of Anarchy, check out their Instagram page and website.

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