A Family Moved And Left Her Behind. After 358 Days At Shelter, She Finally Found Her Perfect Match

Gloria, a Terrier mix, spent 358 lonely days in a shelter. Before she was a shelter dog, she belonged to a family. But sadly the family left her behind when they moved.

Months and months went by, and living at the shelter was starting to take a toll on Gloria – mentally, emotionally, and physically. She waited day after day for a loving family to take her home, but she was continuously overlooked.

Until the 358th day came, and NFL Jaguars defensive tackle Sheldon Day, and his girlfriend Samira, saw Gloria and fell in love. They had been looking for a dog to adopt for a while. One who could be a loving, loyal companion.

Day took Gloria home for a trial foster, and it was very obvious that they were a perfect match! They officially adopted Gloria, and after nearly a year in the shelter, she finally got her happy ending! Watch them together in the video below:

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