Gito And Another Baby Orangutan Meet For The First Time…And The Moment Couldn’t Be Any Sweeter!

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Both of these Orangutans were found at different places in different circumstances, but both were left alone to die. A few months ago, Gito was found in a cardboard box, left in the sun to rot. His rescuers said that he had a mummified appearance. Asoka was found in a rainforest without his mother, crying all alone. He wouldn’t have survived without proper care. Gito was taken care of and brought back to normal health, while Asoka received the proper care he needed to grow. Both were brought to the International Animal Rescue’s sanctuary and rehabilitation center in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Now, both healthy and growing infant Orangutans, Gito and Asoka were introduced to each other for the first time. Thankfully this moment was captured on camera, because it is such a sweet moment that you will love to witness! One of them was just swinging around on his play gym when a staffer brought the other little guy to him. One was very shy and took a while to warm up, but the other one was very curious and not shy at all. He was already kissing his new friend and touching him. It’s clear that these two will be BFF’s in no time!

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