This Little Girl Loves Riding A Horse!

Well, this will brighten anybody’s day! This adorable little girl gets the cutest giggles when she’s on the back of her horse. We dare you not to at least smile a little!
happy horse rider
Did you know…?
*According to, a horse’s favorite flavors are (in order) Fenugreek ( a member of the pea family used in curries, pickles, and daals), banana, and cherry.

*Horses must cool down after exercising by walking around until their heart rate comes down to normal. If they are just put back into their stalls, they may become sick.
Horse don’t throw up. The valve between their throat and stomach is so strong, it won’t allow food to come back up.

*There are wild horses in some western US states. They are managed by the Bureau of Land Management and are offered up for adoption when a herd gets too large. You can read about more about one such herd in Missouri here

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