Little Girl Put Together A Power Point Presentation To Try And Convince Her Parents To Get Her A Kitten

There is something about being a kid and having a pet. We probably remember being children and begging our parents for days or weeks to let us get a pet of our choice. Kids of today are still the same, but there is one thing that has changed – they have the power of technology on their side to help them make a convincing argument to their parents. And that is exactly what one very organized little girl did in Canada. She actually put together a PowerPoint presentation in order to get her parents to see her side in getting a cat.

Her father, Christopher Doyle, posted a tweet about the adorable PowerPoint presentation, along with a few pictures. The tweet quickly caught the attention of everyone on social media, and it soon went viral. The Toronto-based father was quite entertained by his child’s efforts to get herself a cat.

Each one of her slides showed a different reason why she should be allowed to have a cat of her own. And she pointed out in one of her slides that she’d been doing her research about owning cats for more than five years, meaning she was quite prepared to take on the responsibility.

As she pointed out, “It would literally be the happiest day of my life pls.”

A very convincing argument that would be impossible to argue with. But she didn’t stop there with her reasoning. She even went the route of guilt-tripping her parents by reminding them of the time they agreed she could get a hamster but then failed to deliver. That is some next-level master manipulation! Well done!

In the girl’s words, “Please. Seriously, you promised me a hamster five years ago but that never happened. Just let me have this.”

There were many people on Twitter that were impressed by her bargaining skills. One Twitter user, Melissa Barnes, pointed out that the best part of the entire thing was the guilt trip.

Since the young girl used PowerPoint, even Microsoft weighed in on her presentation, noting that they were very impressed with her execution and they wrote their support saying, “A very compelling presentation! She has us convinced.”

The viral tweet ended up getting more than 21,000 likes, prompting the young girl to point out to her dad that “all of Twitter is on my side.”

And it seems that this viral support did turn the tides in her favor. Four days later, there was a wonderful update. Her father posted an update saying that they had visited their local Humane Society as well as a pet store for what he was calling, “in-person research.”

But that ended eventually led to the news that all of social media was desperate to hear: on the 5th of September the family introduced their latest family addition, a rescue kitten named Tokyo.

While this little story is very heartwarming, it is a great lesson for other children that tenacity does pay off. You should always go after what you want with great conviction and don’t let anyone tell you no.

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