Little Girl Falls Head Over Hooves In Love With A Baby Calf, And Over, And Over

Here’s proof that animal lovers can come in all sizes and ages! This little sweetie has found her new best friend and it isn’t another kid. It’s an adorable calf! The love that she shows this animal is simply beautiful. I bet if you watch this, it’ll be impossible not to “Awwwww!” I replayed it four times at first.

Now, I think I’ve watched it a dozen, and trust me, it doesn’t get any less sweet. Truthfully, I could watch it over and over again and not getting tired of it.

YUP, that’s how adorable it is!

Just like humans, animals have the ability to show and receive affection. They know that when we hug them that they are being shown love. That is why mistreating an animal is the cruelest thing to do. It isn’t any different than mistreating a human.

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