Little Girl Goes On Adventures With Her Two Giant Best Friends

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Growing up with a dog is a blessing. The bond that a child forms with a dog is indescribable, and it gives them a best friend from such a young age. This little girl and her baby brother have had the privilege of growing up with two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs named Dudley (nicknamed Biggie) and Lucy (nicknamed Wooster).

Instagram: biggieandruby

Instagram: biggieandruby

Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-known for being great with kids and their Instagram account, proves that to be true. You can see the little girl, Ruby, hanging out with her giant pups, from walking on the beach to road trips to playing in the park, these best friends enjoy every moment together. What makes it even cuter is how much bigger the dogs are than she is! Check them out in the video below and be sure to follow them on Instagram so you can keep up with their adorable adventures!

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