Watching This Giggling Baby And Happy Dog MADE My Day In Just 37 Seconds!

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One of the most touching things about adopting a puppy when you have children is getting to see them connect and form a friendship before the kids can even talk or walk. Witnessing a connection like that just brings pure joy and happiness to my heart, like the adorable twosome featured here.

Check out this match made in Heaven! This little baby is all smiles and laughter as he plays with his best friend for life, his equally as happy canine! The dog is so gentle with the young baby, but still manages to have a blast sprinting and dashing around while chasing the toy the baby holds and tosses for him. The happiness and laughter is contagious! I guarantee you’ll be giggling right along with this active, little toddler! At the end when they crawl/run off together?! I can’t. Too cute!

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