Two Gibbons See A Hedgehog For The First Time And Are Absolutely Baffled!

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Two gibbons, who reside at the Lake District Wildlife Park in Keswick, Cumbria, saw a hedgehog for the first time, and their reaction was absolutely hilarious!

The apes are absolutely baffled by the tiny creature and have no idea what it could be. They both take turns staring at it before jumping around and running away. One gibbon keeps looking at the hedgehog and then dashes off again to the jungle gym.

Then the other gibbon stares at it and sits down nearby. Then jumps up and runs away again. I don’t think the gibbons realize there is a wire fence dividing them and the harmless little creature.

It’s funny how something so tiny could come across as scary to these apes. Eventually, a wildlife park worker rescues the hedgehog and takes it in.

Watch the gibbons’ reactions in the video below. I dare you not to smile!

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