While Fishing On The Coast Of Australia, This Man Had A Friendly Unexpected Visitor Approach Him From The Water…

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This man was fishing on the coast of Dunsborough in Western Australia when he had an unexpected visitor approach him from the water…a stingray! The little, or should I say MASSIVE, guy was just looking for some fresh fish and when he came up to the man he got just what he wanted. The man held a fish in his hand and put his arm out in the water and the stingray swam right up his arm to retrieve the fish.

Thankfully, this stingray was very friendly! He starts to swim away but then comes right back for more! The man feeds him a few more fish, and the stingray even lets him pet him! It’s awesome how much trust this stingray has for the man. And it’s so cute to see how friendly he is! I’ve never seen a stingray so big! He’s much larger than the ones that I’ve pet at aquariums, that’s for sure! It brings back great memories though; I had to admit, I’m a little jealous of this guy!!

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