A Giant Sea Turtle Swam Up To Their Boat. When They Saw What Was Around His Neck, They Leapt Into Action!

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Jacksonville, Florida Lieutenant Steve Mullen and Office Brad Smith were out on a boat when they noticed a nine foot Leatherback Sea Turtle struggling to swim. When they got closer, they saw that he was entangled in a crab trap, which was wrapped around his neck with the buoy still attached. Whenever the turtle tried to dive, the rope tightened around his neck. Of course the officers knew they had to help this poor guy.

When they got close enough to the turtle, Lt. Mullen hung over the side of the boat and used a blade to cut the rope. He managed to untangle it from around the turtle slowly but surely. The turtle stayed still in the water and was very cooperative. It’s obvious that the turtle knew that this man was just trying to help him. Once he was fully untangled from the rope, he quickly swam off. Thank God for these police officers for saving this turtle, because who knows how long he would have had to live with this rope tangled around his neck, and if he would’ve even survived that long.

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