Giant Schnauzer

When one hears the term, Giant Schnauzer, they may picture a monstrosity of a dog. However, the Giant Schnauzer is not overly large, but simply larger than his other Schnauzer counterparts. This dog breed exhibits dedication, loyalty and good temperament. As a working dog, the Giant Schnauzer was often used as a cattle dog as well as a police dog in some regions.
This breed has a durable coat which handles all weather elements well. The Giant Schnauzer has the same beard and large eyebrows as the Standard Schnauzer. The color of the coat on the Giant Schnauzer is usually black or a salt/pepper combination. The Giant Schnauzer stands approximately 23.5 to 27.5 inches high at the shoulder.
The Giant Schnauzer is not only known for its good work ethic, but as a great family dog as well. This breed is quite protective of his family members and is a great one to have around the house for protection. Training the Giant Schnauzer is an easy task as this breed responds well to professional training sessions. As for grooming, the Giant Schnauzer has a short and wiry coat which does need some continual attention. Regular brushing of the coat as well as an occasional trip to the groomer will keep this breed looking good overall.
As the Giant Schnauzer is a working dog it stands to reason that this dog will need a good amount of exercise. This dog loves going for long walks. Running around in a fenced-in yard will also yield wonderful exercise results. Make sure that your Giant Schnauzer gets its much needed exercise each day.
If you want to get a dog which is a working dog by nature but a family dog at heart, the Giant Schnauzer is a good bet.

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