Massive Dog Meets His New Tiny Puppy Brother And Instantly Falls In Love

I remember when my little brother was born. I was just seven years old, but was so excited to be a big sister. When he first got home, I was constantly asking my parents if I could hold him. While some siblings get jealous when a new child comes into the family, I was beyond thrilled. While some siblings get mad that all of the attention has been taken off of them, I had no problem making my new baby brother the center of attention.

This massive dog just got a new tiny puppy sibling and absolutely adores him! And it’s pretty obvious that the puppy loves him back! The two of the cuddle up together, but it’s so funny to see since the older dog is so much bigger than the puppy. At one point, the pup gets stuck under all of the bigger dog’s wrinkles. LOL! These two will definitely be best friends forever!

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