Video Of Giant Stingray Emerging From Water To Greet Boy Goes Viral

The most amazing bonds can be forged between kids and animals when they have the opportunity to interact and spend time together. Pets are proof of this. Often, children who grow up with pets become very close to them, and sometimes their pets will even take on a protective role. This kind of closeness is typically seen between commonly domesticated pets and people, rather than wild animals.

That’s part of the reason why this story is so incredible.

Joel is a young boy who has made a very special friend. He lives in the Canary Islands in Valle Gran Rey, where you can find plenty of fishermen.

The fishermen are known to toss their catches in the nearby harbor — and this can draw in some very interesting visitors!

Joel loves to interact with the visiting sea life that roam into the harbor, if they’ll let him. One of the most intriguing friends of his is a giant stingray.

It’s almost unbelievable that a stingray would become pals with a human child, but it’s true! The world never ceases to offer amazing surprises.

Lucky for us, someone actually captured the friendship in action one day.

Their interaction will melt your heart. Some people would be hesitant or even afraid to pet a stingray — but not Joel. He seems to know that the giant creature is not going to hurt him.

Fishermen give Joel some shrimp to feed the giant stingray. The stingray gobbles up the shrimp and seems pretty darn content!

After the stingray has had lunch, he lets his friend give him a sweet pat, and then swims back out to sea.

Did you know that stingrays are inherently kind creatures? The only time they resort to using their stingers is if they feel like they are in a life-or-death situation.

They’re very friendly, and most people don’t know this.

After it was uploaded to YouTube, the video immediately went viral. The unlikely duo’s friendship has touched the hearts of people everywhere. Share this video with people who will appreciate this sweet bond between species.

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