How To Get Your Dog Ready For The Post-COVID Transition

I think that all of us would agree that there is a lot of stress involved with the current pandemic. It seems as if it has affected our dogs, just as much as humans.

The economy has been a hot-button topic during the crisis and things are preparing to reopen again. That means that many of us will be heading back to work once more. Doing so will be a challenge for all of us and our pets are going to be the ones that will be affected the most.

The co-founder and CEO of ‘The Dog Gugus,” Robin Benett, talked about the need of establishing a new routine with our pup now in order to make the transition better. Dogs tend to have separation anxiety and we don’t want that issue to become a problem after the pandemic.

Benett talks about getting the dog ready to be home alone. It might help if the owners pretend to get back to their routine of taking the kids to school or going to work. It would give them a chance to see how the dog will respond.

A doggy cam in the home is also a good idea. When you are away, it would allow you to check-in and see if there are any major issues. A quiet dog means that they are fine but if they bark constantly or are destructive, you need to address the situation.

Giving the dog a new toy filled with treats is a great way to reward them when they do things right.

Other options can include taking the dog to the groomers or doggy daycare. There are many that stayed open during the pandemic because they are considered essential. Even so, some dog owners might not want to drop their dogs off at one of those locations.

If you want to try to keep your dog at home when you go back to work, set up a routine of brushing, nail trimming, and general cleanup to keep things clean and healthy for your pooch. If you take the steps necessary to help your dog now, it will go will when the pandemic is over.

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