Get Ready To Melt When You See This Ecstatic Bulldog Puppy!

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Puppies tend to get excited over the most simplest things, like this adorable bulldog puppy. I guarantee you’ll be laughing as you watch this lovable, chunky pup gear up and gallop full force into this patch of long grass!! (I know I was!)

When he crouches down, doesn’t he remind you of Simba from the Lion King when Mufasa is teaching him how to hunt?? Or, maybe that was just me… Regardless, I can’t remember the last time I was as excited as this pup is! The way he plops down right in the middle of playing, but then jumps right up to get back to it is too funny!! I couldn’t hold back the laughter! Does your dog ever get this excited when he sees a patch of long grass or a pile of leaves to jump in?? Comment and let us know!

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