German Wirehaired Pointer

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The German Wirehaired Pointer is a hunting dog by nature but a family pet at heart. This breed provides his family members with love, companionship and dedication.
The German Wirehaired Pointer has a wiry coat which is perfect for the outdoor elements, such as wind, rain and cold weather. This hunting dog works its magic in many different hunting arenas which makes it quite versatile in nature. The German Wirehaired Pointer is liver and white in color and stands approximately 22 to 26 inches high at the shoulder.
This breed is extremely loyal and affectionate by nature. When it is not in working mode, this pup loves nothing more than to lounge with his family. Since this breed is a hunting dog, it is no wonder that he requires a great deal of outdoor exercise each day. In addition, if you can give your German Wirehaired Pointer a task to complete, he is quite happy as well.
As for grooming, the German Wirehaired Pointer needs an occasional brushing and bath, especially on those occasions when it is muddy and wet from a hunting trip. This breed sheds occasionally but it is not too tedious a task when it comes to maintaining the German Wirehaired Pointer’s coat.
Since this breed is medium in size, he will benefit it greatly to have a large enough home to be comfortable within. Although the German Wirehaired Pointer can do fine in an apartment setting, a single family home with a yard is beneficial. Make sure that you get your German Wirehaired Pointer out for daily walks and make sure your pup gets a good amount of exercise to keep your pet from becoming bored. This will keep your furry friend out of trouble as well.

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