German Shepherd Helps Rehabilitate Orphaned Fawns Mom Rescues

We all search for a purpose in life – something that inspires us to get up in the mornings and pushes us to keep going because we love it so much. As it turns out, it isn’t only humans who are in pursuit of a purpose. Sometimes our pets can also find their true calling. One adorable German Shepard was already hitting his golden years by the time he figured out his whole purpose in life.

9-year-old Sarge was born to be a foster dad to injured and orphaned deers. It all started with a little fawn that his owner, Cheryl, had found all alone on the side of the road. As soon as the deer was brought home, Sarge was smitten. He instantaneously bonded to the fawn and became his protector.

The fawn was named Buckwheat. And Buckwheat seemed equally as taken by the large dog, allowing Sarge to be his guardian and mentor as he grew. Sarge was there for all of Buckwheat’s big steps and always made sure that the baby deer was never far out of his sight.

Eventually, the time came for a grown Buckwheat to be released back to the wild. Luckily for Sarge, the whole community knew that he was pretty skilled when it came to rehabilitation. People in the area began to come to Cheryl and Sarge with any injured or orphaned deer who needed help.

Sarge was delighted by this and his owner shared that every time a new deer in need showed up, he’d react like “it was like Christmas morning.” For every deer that comes through, Sarge conducts his own evaluation of them by giving them a sniff to figure out what condition they’re in.

While Sarge is such a wonderful foster dad to his fawns, the sad reality is that not all of them can be saved. Even though Sarge does his best, he sometimes loses a fawn. Each loss is a major blow to Sarge who mourns them all.

Sarge is active on social media so you can follow this good boy on all his adventures as he cares for fawns and deer in need.

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