German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has performed many important roles over the past centuries. From military dog to police dog to guard dog, the German Shepherd fulfills many roles. In addition to being a working dog, the German Shepherd is also an excellent family pet. Loyal, courageous and loving, this dog breed truly has it all. The German Shepherd has also been known to excel in various challenges in the dog competition ring.
Although this breed can be seen in different colors, it is often the common black and tan colors which one sees a German Shepherd possessing.
Some individuals contemplating owning a German Shepherd may wonder how this dog gets along with all members of the family, including children. Well, rest assured that once the German Shepherd is brought into the home and becomes part of the family, he will care for and defend his family to no end. The German Shepherd does well with individuals of all ages. Due to its natural tendencies as a working dog, the German Shepherd trains well and listens to commands given by his owner.
Although the German Shepherd can acclimate to different environments, it is helpful if this breed has a larger home environment, such as a single family home. This gives the German Shepherd plenty of space to run around and get his required exercise. Daily walks and frequent time outdoors will keep this pup happy and healthy.
Grooming the German Shepherd is not too difficult due to his short coat. A brushing each week and the occasional bath will keep this dog looking great. Pet owners may even want to take their dog to the groomer every so often as well.
If you are searching for a loving, dedicated and eager to please breed which will be protective as well, then look no further than the German Shepherd.

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