German Shepherd Celebrated Freedom from Chains and Howled for Joy at The Sight of the Ocean

Keeping dogs inside cages and making them wear chains is not illegal. However, those things are not supposed to be their whole life. Dogs must be able to run, do zoomies, play with their humans and pet siblings, and be comfortable in their homes. Even guard dogs need a spacious kennel with a healthy environment. It’s saddening how some households neglect their dogs, only giving them the bare minimum. Pet parents are expected to make efforts to provide the treatment animals deserve. Chains and cages do not tame them. Being tied up and restricted can be the root cause of trauma. It does not only inflict physical pain but also emotional wounds.

Photo: Youtube/Rocky Kanaka

Witnessing dogs getting a taste of freedom can certainly make you shed a tear or two. Their happiness is evident through barks of joy and howls of excitement. It’s a beautiful experience you’d want to relive over and over again. Dogs are jolly creatures, and it’s only right to help them have fun adventures. You’ll never let another dog be chained or caged for long after watching them be happy. They are supposed to discover lots of things, like the ocean. And one dog couldn’t help but scream or bark out of happiness after seeing the vast waters for the first time. Herschel’s story will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Photo: Youtube/Rocky Kanaka

The German Shepherd was abandoned by his previous owners. For five years, Herschel was only chained in the backyard — receiving no love from his humans. His desperate attempts to escape were evident by his worn-out teeth, which he used to chew on the chains. Eventually, he was given up to a sanctuary and was taken under the care of Found Animals Rescue. Herschel’s heartbreaking story reached them and motivated the nonprofit organization in giving him the life he deserves. The German Shepherd’s story was also featured in a show where Rocky Kanaka took Herschel on a trip before meeting his new mom. He was the lucky candidate for Dog’s Day Out — the show that brought so much joy to Herschel, especially his trip to the ocean.

Before the remarkable ocean reaction, Rocky brought a teddy bear to different places. He was evidently so happy, because, after five years, he has gained true freedom. The huge fur baby played in the snow, received a lot of hugs from various people, and went on a road trip. He was given everything his previous owners took away from him — affection and fun outdoor play.

Rocky and Herschel traveled from Los Angeles to Washington to finally settle in his new home. They had a stopover at the ocean, which was their favorite part of the trip. Since Herschel was chained most of his life, he had no idea about other environments. The sight of the ocean must have been his “I’ve made it” moment — he couldn’t stop himself from jumping and howling out of happiness.

Photo: Youtube/Rocky Kanaka

That moment will make you realize how dogs are excited to learn more about their world. His reaction was indeed priceless. Seeing how Herschel loves the ocean, Rocky allowed him to run along the shore to feel the ocean’s water. It was the start of something new for the sweet German Shepherd. He’s finally living life and not just barely surviving. It is also a reminder that being able to visit the ocean is enough reason to be happy about life. Dogs can certainly teach humans valuable lessons, which you’ll understand in the video below. You won’t be able to stop yourself from crying after witnessing Herschel’s way to freedom.

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