This German Shepherd Made The Most Of Blizzard Jonas By Playing Hide And Seek!

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Blizzard Jonas swept through the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast last week, leaving behind up to three feet of snow and causing a frenzy. While some were stuck in their houses with un-plowed streets, others decided to take it upon themselves to go outside in this winter wonderland and make their way around.

Emmy, a two-year-old German Shepherd, did the latter. She went outside and trekked through over three feet of snow after the snow storm swept through Hagerstown, Maryland. You can see her hopping along, having a tough time getting through the snow. At one point, she’s completely under the snow, with just her head popping out! She stops for a break and then tries to burrow her way under the snow until her human tells her to keep going. Clearly Emmy loves the snow, and it’s too cute!

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