A German Shepherd Is Extremely Fond of a Pygmy Goat and Treats It Like a Pup

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but their circle of friends doesn’t stop with humans. Dogs can be anyone’s best bud, because they can make friends wherever they go. They tend to build friendships with different animals, too — big or small, dogs can capture their hearts. The fur of sunshine is definitely a friend anyone deserves to have. They are loving, loyal, joyful, and know how to have great fun. In short, dogs are indeed amazing animals that have brought extra light to the world. Every household graced by its presence has its daily dose of smiles and cuddles.

Photo: Facebook/Rumble

A pygmy goat from one household also has its own source of joy and warmth because of a German Shepherd named Shadow. The loving canine grew fond of the pygmy goat and treated it like her pup. A video went viral on social media, and it’s one of the cutest things you’ll ever find online. You can see how happy Shadow is with the baby goat by her side — it’s evident in how she smiles with her eyes and how she wags her tail. Shadow is pretty proud of being the baby goat’s fur mommy. The little one has the coziest companion and best bud, even at a young age. She surely won’t feel cold with Shadow around.

Both animals came from the same household. The pygmy goat was domesticated, and their pet parents were glad that Shadow acted like a mom. Since being posted, the video has gained engagement, most of which is love and praise for the content. The white German Shepherd and the baby pygmy goat have won the hearts of those who have watched their video. It was shared years ago, but it still has the same comfy effect on its viewers. Share the clip with your friends and family — give them a reason to smile today.

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