German Shepherd That’s Afraid Of Wooden Floors Walks Backwards To ‘Avoid’ It

Humans have many irrational fears. But we’re not alone. Often times our animals also have irrational fears of their own, which end up translating to some pretty interesting quirks. While some animals are afraid of normal things, like being left alone, the vacuum cleaner, other animals, the dark, etc., some animals have some downright bizarre fears – like hardwood floors.

And one adorable German Shepherd named Sam definitely struggled with the latter. This precious pooch was deathly afraid of hardwood floors. And to be fair to him, it must be pretty hard as a dog to get used to hardwood floors. They do make uncomfortable sounds when little nails traverse the floors so we can see why it must be grating to cross them. No wonder he doesn’t like them.

Still, his owner did her best to try to coax the shy dog out from the other room and get him to cross the short hallway with the hardwood floors in order to join her on the other side. However, the dog just peeks around the corner while whining.

Photo: Pixabay/GoranH

Eventually, his owner’s voice finally manages to get him to cross the floor, however, he does it in the most bizarre fashion possible. It has his owner in stitches as she films her dog’s method of crossing the hardwood floors that he’s so terrified of. And we can’t help but laugh along as well.

Watch the video below:

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