Little Kid Helps Scared German Shepherd Overcome His Fears Of The Sprinkler

When you think of German shepherds, you likely think about them charging in where angels fear to tread. The breed is often used for police work, military work, and every other difficult job because they are highly intelligent and faultlessly loyal.

For those who have actually had a German Shepherd in their life, however, they realize that the tough character on the outside is nothing more than a façade. When you see what is on the inside, you realize that they are a softy through and through. That includes this German Shepherd that is sure to touch your heart.

It seems as if this dog is afraid of water, but a toddler is there to help him overcome his deepest fear. Fortunately, the family was able to capture it on video so that we can all enjoy it.

The dog seems rather curious about the new yard sprinkler but doesn’t want anything to do with it. The baby human in the family, however, is quite brave and goes over to show the dog that everything is okay. After instruction, the dog goes over to make sure that the toddler is okay and then has a little bit of fun himself. After he gets a taste of the fun, he jumps in with both paws.

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