German Pinscher

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The German Pinscher is a medium-sized dog breed known for his athletic build, agility and intelligence. This dog is in between the sizes of the Miniature Pinscher and the Doberman Pinscher. Due to its alert nature, this dog breed makes a wonderful watchdog, but it is a good companion as well. The German Pinscher does well in various competitions such as agility, obedience and conformation.
This breed can have a coat in different colors including black, brown, fawn, blue or red with markings such as tan or red. The German Pinscher stands approximately 17 to 20 inches tall at the withers.
Although known to be a watchdog, the German Pinscher is a devoted family dog. He can be quite protective of his family and wary of strangers. In order to bring the protectiveness down a degree, obedience training may come in handy. Since he has a short coat, the German Pinscher does not require extensive grooming. Basically a good brushing on a weekly basis and a bath now and again will keep this breed looking well groomed and neat.
As the German Pinscher is a working dog, it stands to reason that this he will require a good amount of exercise. Running outdoors in a fenced-in yard can occupy your pup and give him the much needed exercise. This type of dog breed can live in an apartment setting, but due to its medium size may be happier in a townhome or single family home.
The German Pinscher is not only an excellent watchdog but a good family member as well.

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